Create Glow in the Dark Projects for Halloween!

Halloween cards and projects are great fun to make, so why not add an extra wow-factor to them?

Let us share some great Glow in the Dark products that will transform these.  These are perfect for the spooky season and beyond!

Cosmic Shimmer Fluffy Stuff

Cosmic Shimmer Fluffy Stuff has received the Glow treatment with a new white, glow in the dark shade!

This heat-activated Fluffy Stuff formula will bring your bubbling cauldrons, creepy crawlies and eerie moonlight to life. Simply apply to your project using the fine-tip nozzle and then heat gently with a heat tool until it is fully fluffed!  This will add a brilliant and unexpected twist to your cards and projects. Just ensure it gets out in the sunlight, under a UV or a regular light to charge to full glow!

Discover Glow in the Dark Fluffy Stuff

Wow! Embossing Powder

Wow! Glow-in-the-Dark Embossing Powder is a translucent powder.  This will give you endless night time fun packed into a jar!

Remember to use it on a light, preferably white, background to get the full effect of the finished product in the dark.  All the great features of a regular embossing powder, but with a fun Halloween twist!

Try Wow! Glow-in-the-Dark Embossing Powder for yourself

Cosmic Shimmer Texture Paste

Another great new Cosmic Shimmer product, Glow in the Dark Texture Paste is a clear-drying spreadable medium which you can use with stencils, stamps and more to add a glow in the dark wow-factor to your Halloween makes!

Being clear, you can spread Cosmic Shimmer Glow in The Dark Texture Paste straight over your dry colouring and texture mediums or cardstock and paper to highlight details and add a surprise when the lights go out! 

Charge up your Cosmic Shimmer Glow in The Dark Texture Paste by leaving it out in the sunshine, under a UV light or even under your regular light bulb before you switch the lights off. As long as it gets exposure to the light, it will continue to keep on glowing!

Discover Glow in the Dark Texture Paste

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Posted by Julie Hembrow
25th July 2023

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