Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories

If you're an avid jigsaw puzzler, then this section is ideal for you!  Also a great section if you know a jigsaw lover and are looking for a different type of gift.

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Ravensburger - Puzzle ConserverRavensburger - Puzzle Conserver
Ravensburger - Puzzle Conserver
Ravensburger - Puzzle Conserver is a ready to use glue which is ideal for permanently conserving your jigsaw puzzles.  Once glued, jigsaw puzzles can be hung on the wall like pictures.    
£4.99 inc VAT
Ravensburger - Puzzle Sort & GoRavensburger - Puzzle Sort & Go
Best Seller
Ravensburger - Puzzle Sort & Go
Puzzle Sort & Go Sorting Trays are 6 stackable trays for sorting and storing your puzzle pieces. Big enough to hold all the pieces from a 1000 piece puzzle, the blue puzzle-shaped trays can be linked or stacked, whichever you prefer.  These trays will last for years – so forget about using margarine tubs or the boxbase for storing your puzzle pieces - try these instead. 
£9.99 inc VAT