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Which size envelope for my cards?

In store we have many questions each week about how the sizes of cards and envelopes actually work when it comes to the 'A Series' sizes of card stock in the UK and Europe.

It's actually really easy once you know!

To help you out when you are looking at such cards, envelopes or cello bags sized this way, in our store we have added our guide as a download for you on the product pages!  You can also download it below by click the image of the guide.

Just to be clear this short explanation does not cover such card sizes as square 4 x 4 or 8 x 8 nor does it cover the 5 x 7.  These are not actually in the standard 'A series' card format, but it's very easy to know what size envelope or cello bag you need as they will simply all be called the same, either 4 x 4 or 8 x 8 or 5 x 7, at least this is how we do it in our store here as it keeps things much easier for us all!

For example a 4 x 4 inch card does fit inside a 4 x 4 inch envelope and both will then fit inside a 4 x 4 inch cello bag - simple.  The envelope and cello bag although called  4 x 4 inch are actually a little bigger to allow room for the card to fit.

Anyway, back to the 'A series' of card format...

Below is an easy to follow chart which we have produced to help explain it all, as we said it's simple really.  When working with A4 card, of which we stock lots of here at Craftasmic, you can fold it in different ways to make the A5, A6 or even DL size cards.  These cards then fit in the corresponding envelopes which have matching numbers but have 'C' in front for the 'C series' envelope system standard in the UK & Europe.

So just one example from the diagram below - If you take an A4 sheet of card and fold it in half it becomes an A5 card, which then fits inside a C5 envelope.  If you then want to display it for selling or just keep it organised and clean, this card AND envelope will then fit inside one of our C5 Cello Bags, simple.

We hope this helps you start to fold and make your own standardised cards from A4 card stock and also know what you need to post them off in.

Until our next Explanation Guide....  Happy Crafting!

Card & Envelope Size Guide 



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Posted by Martyn Hembrow
4th February 2015

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